Recommendations  (Foreign IT Hardware Vendor)

“In April 2010, we have an unique and critical hiring project in Japan with a short timeline of 45 days to hire
in 10 to 12 key talents for our new financial year.

We selected Toshin SciEn as our partner of choice.

SciEn was able to meet the given datelines and we hired in key fresh talents for Japan
which resulted in significant improvement in our business results this year. “

Sr. HR Director Asia Pacific

“Our recruiting goal was to hire qualified, professional sales people
who has skill set for future growth in 90 days in the most effective way.

To achieve our goals, we must improve a company’s time to hire,
increase the quality of candidates pool and hire specialized external recruiters (team) for 3 months.
Therefore, we decided to outsource recruiting to SciEn.

SciEn managed the entire recruiting/interviewing/hiring process from job profiling through on-boarding for each new hire. 

- provided onsite service and worked with us as one team
- acted as our internal recruiter and built a good relationship with hiring manager by providing professional advises.
- created database of qualified resumes
- managed other recruiting agents and negotiated agent fee

SciEn streamlined the process and successfully achieved the goals by extremely tight deadlines. “

Head of HR

“My contribution for SciEn effort was recognized by WW Staffing team and APAC HR team
because I could close most of positions within 90 days with an average time to fill of 40 days. “

We also selected the best talent for each position by providing professional advices to hiring managers.
I would like to thank you for SciEn’s outstanding contribution made to the success.

HR Specialist